Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Then She Got Better"

I got a call about a month ago from my BNF Lynda asking me if I could teach/facilitate an art class for Kay's birthday. I knew immediately what I would want to do. It was a class that I have taken from the wonderfully creative Dayna Collins. It is called Collage Up A Storm and I have taken it three times from her (that's how much fun it is!).

Tuesday night when I met with Dayna for our Vein of Gold meeting she had ready for me the recipe for "Stone Soup" and the instructions from Sally Jean Alexander's book, Pretty Little Things.

Everyone was asked to bring two baggies full of precut vegetables. When all had been added to the brewing pot, Amanda put in the stone. The afternoon of fun was about to begin ~ a group of lovely funny ladies ranging in age from 14 to 74!!

I gave them the easy to follow instructions for the day.....It's called "Abracadabra....Just Do As I Say".
With a blank canvas in front of them, I would pull a word out of the bowl which would tell them what they would be doing for the next five minutes ~ Paint, Scratch, Ink, Text/Words, Pastels, Chalk, Charcoal, Pictures, 3-D, Smudge (my favorite!), Sand, Stamp ~ and so on.

For the next two hours they eagerly followed each command....

Their collages finished, it was now time to savor our delicious Stone Soup. But before we ate, Amanda read to all the story about how Stone Soup came to be.

Every one's collage turned out perfect! (I even heard Aislinn say that this class was more fun than any art class in school...pitter pat went my heart!).

As a thank you, Lynda had brought me a bottle on wine knowing how much I love the name on the bottle and a tiny heart to keep in my pocket!

Such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, smudging and getting hands artfully dirty....

....with a group of amazing and VERY funny ladies.

I think the words Kay used on her collage apply to all that come to her with an ache or pain. She is that tiny portion of people in the world that will always take the time to sit and listen and cheer you on....until you get all better!

Happy Birthday Wild Woman!!

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  1. Clapping with delight! What a great day - it looks like everyone had SO much fun. You're a natural at teaching this art stuff.