Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cords & Tassels & Rings ~ Oh My!

Today while on campus I walked by the booths set up for students who will be graduating this June ~ Cap & Gowns, Honor Cords & Tassels, Announcements and....and, then I saw them....Class Rings. My heart went pitter-pat full time giddy. I remember in High School coming really close to getting one my Junior year from a boyfriend from a different school (but I think I "might" have done something mean and that put the kibosh on that!). When it came time for my graduation, someone thought I needed a set of Corelle dishes instead.

Walking to my Psychology class I started to think about all of the past terms and classes I have taken in pursuit of my Gerontology Degree. From day one I had it in my mind to always wear my "lucky t-shirt" on test and finals days. I chose to wear the t-shirt I got in Kardamyli, Greece (different spellings, so I always go with David's way of spelling it).

Not sure why I chose that t-shirt, except for the fact that I was so very lucky to have been able to spend time there with such wonderfully fun and gorgeous people.

Last week sitting in class, I got a lengthy text message from Kristi which read (of course I saved it!):

It's messages and words like that that make me feel good about those long stressful eraser nights. I feel great about choosing to go after this degree ~ it was a good decision!

Seeing those booths today got me so excited for my graduation next year. Announcements, Cap & Gown, Honor Cords and Tassels, and maybe, just maybe..... that long-awaited for tiny silver ring!


  1. "Someone" also thinks you need a new cell phone instead of a school ring. And baby, I'm better hung than Samsung, Buzz you later.

    Robert Kincaid

  2. Awww, what a sweet daughter. Nothing like words of affirmation to cheer us on.