Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Lamp Post and Coffee with a new Art Inspiration

A couple of months ago I joined a group of international collagers called The Collage Collaborative. Created by Nikki Soppelsa, it is a wonderful group of people who love paper and glue and the art of collaging. Each person was to start their own personal collage and then it would be sent on, until finished, with five peoples artistic touch added. I felt excited, but very intimated.

I started mine very simple, leaving LOTS of room for others to add to. I did not like what I first sent out, but on its way it went. I would like the adds I did to others, but my initial start just bugged me.

I would be sending/forwarding my finished pieces to Michael, a wonderfully gifted and talented artist. Once again I felt very intimated even having to send him anything I had worked on (he's that good!). Sometime in-between the art forwards I got an email from him. He used the word "lamp post" and asked if I liked shops. He had a CD of coffee songs that he had put together if I was interested. I replied with a big Yes!!! Weeks later and several collages sent on I received a wonderful package in the mail.

My coffee CD and other artful Michael goodies!!!!

His "roommate" would become a cheerleader of my collage work. The two of them (much like Dayna Collins) would inspire me to try, to keep on, to do with their words. They could have been art snobs, but instead chose to empower. Such a lucky person I am!

My 1st collage returned home.....the additions made it perfect! (Michael added the fish eating the etc.)

There would be the start of a second round.....and this time....I absolutely LOVE what I started with.

I don't feel as intimidated as I did in the beginning. I love the Coffee CD (let me know if you would like a copy of it ~ it's fantastically great!). And once again I am reminded just how powerful a few words can be.

Thank you Coffee Messiah!


  1. Ooh Bobbie, I love coffee and would love a copy of the cd if you could manage the time to copy & send it to me :) How kind of Michael!
    I love both your collage starts, the 2nd one is now about to head off to Debbie. It has quite a group of travellers upon a journey!
    It is so great to have met you through the group. Love & friendship, your Aussie friend Lorri xo

  2. I'm trying again just to prove that I can actually post something. The art work is indeed fabulous.

  3. Hey Thanks, although I have never called myself an artist, appreciate the thought and glad you liked the "stuff" = that sax really bugs me though = Cheers!

  4. The sax ~ hahaha!! Your Coffee CD is a huge hit here and other locales!!!! Been busy making copies of it....Thanks again!!

  5. Bobbie, thanks for sharing your feelings of intimidation, but WOW, you have what it takes to do whatever you want. I recall when you first started in The Artist's Way and how hesitant you were about the whole thing and BAM! here you are participating in international art swaps!