Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me ~ Que Sera Sera!

Two birthday weekends of fun-ness! This last weekend was spent with family. The Mabe's called me up and said she and the Golden Gals wanted to take me to BINGO on Saturday afternoon....how could I refuse!

They had flowers and cards and even a little black pouch filled with the coveted needed BINGO quarters!

A quick trip home and then it was off to dinner with my favorite boyfriend and favorite child at Toro Bravo (my choice) for several tapas. It has quickly become a favorite of mine and now Mr. Picky Bryan loves it too!

While there we decided to plan a monthly dining outing to a new place that we have never been to before. We will take turns finding the place....and NO whining! I quickly starting singing in my Doris Day voice (well, I think it is) Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be...... and our new monthly outing is so named "SERA"! Stan will take the lead for May.

My next birthday adventure had been kept a secret/surprise from me. Kristi knows I love new adventures and trying new things. She had purchased tickets a couple of weeks before for......

SMASHPUTT! Miniature Golf in a warehouse on West Burnside!!

Holes included Scratch 'n Sniff, Foos Ball and Infinity....

....and we three get our very much competitive clubs and balls and begin hitting the holes (sometimes literally)!

A great day and a great night. I don't know what the scores ended up being, but I do know that I won in the best family and friends category!


  1. great picture of the three of you-karen

  2. As always, quirky funness to celebrate your birthday!