Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Batteries Exhausted

Sky Rockets in Flight ~ Afternoon Delight!

On Sunday, I used my anniversary certificate to go sky gliding at the Willamette Valley Soaring Club.

As luck would be with me, I had chosen a perfect day to go gliding, perfect temperature and soon to learn about perfect clouds.

I meet George my pilot (which is making me feel really good since I've had GREAT luck with men named George this year!)

We walk out to the field and I get to see my afternoon delight glider.

Getting ready to get in I notice a piece of torn/broken "yarn" taped to the Plexiglas dome ~ time to throw caution to the wind, literally.

I climb in and George buckles me in to safety.

We are in, ready to take off. I get handed my camera which now reads "Batteries Exhausted" and I know I didn't bring the spare. But its ok because I remind myself that the glide will actually be more enjoyed, each moment captured in my mind, no moments lost looking through the lens. I can feel the warmth of the sun breaking through the clouds, "catching" a thermal, as the sailplane floats effortlessly and serenely through the air.

I'm getting a little warm and woozy when George asks if I like roller coasters. "Not really, but go ahead"! He does his dips and dives and then we glide back down to earth.

As I leave the field, I am exhausted. I have no reason to be ~ I didn't even pilot the glider. But I am, as is my battery. And the exhaustion on both ends have made for a fantastic Afternoon Delight!

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  1. I'm feeling dizzy with just the thought of gliding, but I must admit, the sky is beautiful and it looks like you had a magnificent time. You're so brave.