Friday, August 21, 2009

Edna's Pickles & Hugs

About ten years ago my father starting corresponding with an ol' school chum Edna Erlenbusch. It started with a letter from her and a returned Christmas Card from him. Year by year he edged up to writing a sentence or two and then a paragraph. About five years ago on one of my trips back to Leola/Aberdeen, I decided to drive to Bowdle to meet Edna Erlenbusch.

She's just a teeny tiny lady, but her hugs are HUGE. A person could not feel more welcomed than at her house. And after my Dad died, I would go to visit and she would tell me the crazy wild stories of things my Dad had done. She brought me great comfort; she still does.

And along the way, I got to try one of her pickles. Mercy Me!!!! My visit this year yielded two of her infamous jars. They are simply the BEST!

I asked her for her recipe a while back. I have shared it with a few, so if you are a pickle maker, here is her recipe. Trust me on this ~ there is none better!

"In regard to how to make pickles-
Put some dill in bottom, then pack the cukes in jar, put some garlic, red Pepper, & about tsp pickling spice per qt, & more dill on top, Pour following brine over & seal. Brine - 16 cups water, 1/2 cup Vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 cup Pickling Salt. Bring this to a boil, Pour over Cucumbers. This recipe will do several jars, keep unused brine in frig until needed for next batch. Will take at least a week before they are ready to eat."

What a lucky daughter I am that they were classmates in Bowdle, South Dakota.

I wish my Dad could have tried one of her pickles; I wish he could have felt one of her hugs. I can't decide which of the two is best ~ I'm just glad that I get both!

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