Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exponentially GREAT

With my first math class completed (and Big Pink packed in my book bag), I headed off to my last and final math class. Same classroom, different professor. I had been warned that his teaching would be "different" and more difficult.

The second week in I knew it was going to be "different". I was stressed, my head hurt and panic was setting in. I needed help.

And then I remembered that there was this "kid" that had graduated from Oregon and went on to get his masters in Economics. I took a chance, emailed him and asked if he knew anything about exponents. (I think he knew about exponents in kindergarten). He said he would help me. Each week I would scan my sheets for his review and input. Each day I would take back to class what he had shared. Not only did I gain the know how but I also gained the confidence to continue on. I could do this. And do this I did! Not bragging or maybe I am....yes I am....B+!! And after the final I got three emails from other classmates thanking me for helping them pass this class. I forwarded their emails on to the kid. He not only helped me but half of the class as well.

I first met this kid a couple of years ago. He had come up to Portland with my daughter to go to a "Hot Flashes" play with my long(est)time girlfriend Becky and myself. Of course, he was picked from the crowd to participate. Keep in mind that 99% of everyone there was having a hot flash. He gladly went along and was just the best sport. Becky and I kind of stereotyped him that evening as an Italian kid from Cleveland High School that was undoubtedly great at "something". After all, we had "dated" the Italian boys from Cleveland in the 70's. But what I learned after sending that S.O.S. email to him was that he was not only extremely good looking and incredibly SMART, but he was also raised with integrity and character. And if you have to pick over good looks, intelligence or your integrity and character, well, we all know what wins.

So Mr Anthony Caruso, I want to thank you with all of my heart and being, for coming to my rescue. You could have easily said no or not even have responded. I will forever be indebted to you. Your integrity and character are beyond words.

And, just in case anyone wants to see how magnificently handsome that Italian kid from Cleveland High School is.....

.....and he's exponentially smart too!!!!


  1. Yeah right Math???
    I might have to take a class.

  2. You guys look like rock stars, not math nerds!