Monday, August 31, 2009

Black Licorice

Is there anyone better than Sir TOM JONES? No, but runner up has to be Mr. Al Green!

On Friday, a group of us gals piled into Norm's delivery van and he took us out to McMenamins~Edgefield to hear Al's live performance.

It starts to sprinkle and we find the perfect place to sit. And then, five minutes later there he is. There.....sitting in front of us, eventually sharing our blankets, is a man with a free blowing in the air, breezy, gauzy black shirt. Terri quickly dubs him "Black Licorice". We all agree!!!!

As Norm picks us up, I think we are all hoping he will stop at a 7-Eleven. We all seem to have a craving for black licorice all of a sudden!

Great wine, good food, dancing with my sister (yes, I'm Still In Love With You) to the sexy voice of Al Green and eye candy. What a wonderfully fun night!

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