Monday, August 24, 2009

The Heart on the Fremont Bridge

One of my Bucket List adventures is to walk every bridge in Portland, the City of Bridges. There was a poster last year showing each bridge so I got one for Kristi and myself. Our plans are to walk each bridge and then explore the neighborhoods to the east and west of it. The Fremont Bridge is deemed non pedestrian friendly since it is an interstate bridge. They do however close it down once a year for the Providence Bridge Pedal. We decided that it would be the first of our bridges.

A couple of our friends joined us as we went on the early morning 5 mile walk.

At the top of the bridge we all stopped to take in the breathtaking views and I gave Kristi a pix kiss...

... and then just as we were starting our descent, I spotted it......A HEART, right there in the middle of the bridge! It reminded my of my little bucket of heart shape rocks that I have found throughout my lifetime.

The group takes off, but I continue to lollygag. At the end of the bridge I make eye contact with two men that are watching the cyclists. I look down at the side of the ones shirt and there is the long plastic security device still attached to his apparently new shirt. He sees me see it and we both start to laugh. I grab Kristi who is always up for a laughable photo opt.

We finish the bridge with morning snacks. I still find it amusing that no matter what the age, boys still crack up at themselves whenever they stick a banana in their pocket!

Eight more wondermous bridge adventures to go!

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