Sunday, March 15, 2009

$5 and Post O's

For the next 7 Fridays, I have signed up for "$5 Fridays - A Recession Busting Art Escape" being held at DIY Lounge at Collage. They are being taught by Maria Raleigh. Half are being held at the Alberta location and the other half are at the Woodstock location. For the ones being held at Alberta, my niece Lynda (a Sauvies Island artist) is joining me. Each week is something new and exciting and different AND ONLY $5! This Friday was "The Wonders of Molding Paste".

A very very fun evening of molding, texturing and painting!!

These were my creations for the night!!

These were Lynda's creations!!

And these were Vickie's (Lynda's friend from St Helens)!!

Saturday morning I took a repeat class called "Itty Bitty Pretties" taught by Danya Collins. I took it again because I LOVE THIS CLASS!!. Everything about it is great. Even the bottle of water she brings for you with her card and a splash of color on it just warms the heart. And then there is the huge table of "embellishments" that can best be summed up in two words...Post Orgasmic!! Yina and Lynda took the class with me (and loved it as well) and being that Kristi couldn't make it, Dawn from Salem took the seat for another repeat for herself as well. I'm thinking that this will be one of the crafts for our next "Good Wine, Good Food & Good Craft Night" with the girls.


  1. Your talent is growing and I'm so impressed with all of your enthusiasm

  2. Well well well. Imagine my surprise. I was just wandering around your blog and THERE I WAS! Thanks for your kind comments and for taking my class and for being my friend.