Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snails and the Beginning of a Blog

Eating Snails and the Beginning of a Blog; a first for both.


  1. Great Blog! Snails and blogs. Who would've thought?? You are just the hottest. Ain't another blog like it around.... ;)

    Robert Kincaid

  2. I'm on my laptop with a broken wireless mouse and using this dang pad thingie UGH! Lots to say but I'll save it for e-mail if you want to hear (maybe not LOL)

    Snails huh? WOW even I haven't had those yet. Gret job on the blog.

    Hugs, Gerri

  3. Congratulations on starting a blog! It's a great adventure and I will look forward to following along.

  4. I'm just sorry that your "first" was mediocre at best...I love my escargot naked w/butter and loads of garlic. That puff pastry was pretty icky...wouldn't I be a great food critic with my "pretty icky!!!" Sure was a fun evening watching you explore the world of snails!

  5. The world is full of snails,
    very few are escargot.
    How does one know the difference?
    Honesty is the first chapter
    in the book of wisdom.

    Francesca Johnson