Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ashlynn with Two N's

Saturday afternoon I was invited to the Welcome Home Emily party, a beautiful baby girl born to Jamie and Devin (Yina's niece). Oh what a gorgeous baby she is!!!!

Another highlight of the day was getting to meet Miss Ashlynn. I have met her briefly on several other occasions and have been the recipient of many hilarious stories delivered by her Aunt Yina.

I had a Happy Baby Day gift for her and even before she opened it, she looked at her card and exclaimed, "SHE SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT, WITH TWO N's!" And then she took off through the house to show everyone the spelling. To be that happy with just someone spelling your name right. Made me think. The real treat was when she pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to come and see her room. Newly painted a vibrant pink, she showed me her drawers of crafts, her awards and her most cherished pictures. And then it was to the closet to show me her glitter shoes, one red pair and one pink pair. A quick turn to the shoe rack behind her door yielded a silver pair.

She was in her glory, she loves herself, see loves her artwork, she loves her pink bedroom. And she was not shy or afraid to say it. How I wish (when I was listening to her) that I could be like that (daily). I sent Dawn an email today changing the name of my Artist's Way doll to "Ashlynn" (with two N's!) as I think she is my alter ego.

And then there was Mr. Dillon who loves those tiny boxes of cereal, so I included one of those in his bag of Happy Baby Day presents. What cracked me up about this kid was his overly enthusiastic squeal when he pulled out the cereal. Not only did he want his picture taken with the cereal.... was also really important to him to get his picture with the "other" side of the cereal package.

The birth of a new baby, sparkly shoes, tiny boxes of cereal and a Great Aunt named Yina makes for a spectacular day. Oh, and also spelling Ashlynn with TWO n's!!!!


  1. Once again you illustrate how much you can brighten up one's day with the simple gift of thoughtfulness. The spelling correctly of one little girls name, and the gift of cereal. It really doesn't take much does it, and you always seem to know the right thing.

  2. You made the day extra special for the kids and they are so excited to have you come visit them again!

    Thank you so much for being you!