Saturday, March 7, 2009

Harry Potter and The Esplanade

I'm going to Greece in May! What I didn't quite realize when Kristi signed us up for the trip was that it entails walking 2-10 miles a day. The 2 I am okay with ~ the 10 I need to start getting use to. In my morning pages I wrote "I am a Walker"; and got 3 calls from people wanting to go walking (it's that Serendipity thing!). This week I wrote "Just Start". I picked Kristi up at lunch time and we headed for The Esplanade. Walking the west side, as we got to the Broadway Bridge (to cross over to the east side), it was just raising to let a barge through. So we just went in reverse and walked the west side twice (3 miles) because each time we would come to a bridge to cross over it was raising. But the cool thing about having to back track and "re-walk" the west side is that we got to see Harry Potter!!

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  1. I love the eastside Esplanade! Such a long meandering stretch for walking, talking, and even rolling . . .