Sunday, March 29, 2009

Artist's Way Graduate~That's Me!!!!

The title says it all. Wednesday, March 25, 2009. I completed my 12 weeks, of the 12 chapters, of The Artist's Way. Was this journey life changing? Ooooh Yes! It has been added to my life's bucket of best experiences. It began last year in the fall when I saw an art class called Itty Bitty Pretties taught by Dayna Collins. I emailed her because I didn't see it on the calendar of classes being offered. Several emails and months later, and I was signing up for an Artist's Way class she was offering in Salem. I honestly had no clue what the class was about. I thought it was just making some crafty little objects in Salem each week for 12 weeks....boy was I wrong!

Each week was a chapter of reading, tasks and awakenings. Morning Pages (daily journaling) and Artist Way Dates (taking and treating myself to a date by myself of my choosing) was new to me. Unloading my Crazy Makers and Poisonous Playmates, a week of Media Deprivation and the chapters' Weekly Tasks; I found myself becoming more honest with myself and others. I shared with people outside of the group; some welcomed my new growth, others did not.

The lady that took me and the others through the chapters each week was Dayna Collins. There are no adequate words to describe what she has done for me. Each week she would welcome me into her home to listen and guide. She has one of the most warmest hearts I have ever known. She gets what life is about,what it has to offer and what needs to be given back. She takes the high road and she IS BOLD.
If I could give you one gift in would be for you to have a Dayna in yours!
There is no greater gift!!!!

My Artist Way Gals!!

The final night we had to present our "Omega" projects. Mine was a accumulation of the 12 weeks, the 12 chapters, my Artist Way Dates, my weekly Angel Words, the return to "The Hood" and re-embracing my sister Pam. On my 12 stairs, to the right are the Artist Way girls that so greatly supported me each week, and to the left are my Fab 7 who unconditionally support me in my life (each were symbolically chosen).

And....I got to see Dayna's art studio..... Nothing but the biggest "Post-O"!


  1. I'm so proud of you mama.. this class did change you for the better. I'm glad you found some new wonderful people and learned new, fun, crazy ways to express yourself. Love you more Dix

  2. Aww, shucks, Bobbie, I think I'm blushing. You and the other five ladies were a very special group and I'm honored to have been part of your life for the past 12 weeks.