Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Thing Just Leads to Another

Saturday morning I attended a class at PCC called Your Brain and Neuroplasticity: How to Develop it. The class description was "Neuroplasticity is the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize neural paths based on new experiences. When you learn, there are persistent functional changes representing the new knowledge. Have fun learning to keep your brain nimble."

The class was filled with half lay people and half medical professionals and/or teachers. The discussions were extremely interesting and the insights shared were great. The instructor was a lady that went back to college and got her degree at age 50. There were several others in the class getting their degree in Gerontology or getting an extra certificate in that arena for the current medical field they are in. I looked at Stan and said, "I think that's it". Not that I want a "job", but the knowledge (and degree) in Gerontology, just so I know and am aware of things to come and options.

Besides discussions of facts and theories, she had us do a couple of exercises. The first "number/order" was a breeze. The second took a couple of marker tries, and was only accomplished when the "pink" marker was brought out.

Another part of the class she had us do Double Doodle. Stan was worried about "coloring outside of the paper". I assured him it was quite okay, no grades were to be had and that the police were not watching him. The man went from markers, to chalk, to pastels.....he was a doodling maniac.

Gabriel did what appeared to be two horse heads, almost identical using both hands at the same time

and Laura Lou drew a fantastic troll gnome using both of her hands!

Laura Lou also told me about a "Laughing Yoga" class she goes to once a week on Tuesdays at 7:10am on 12th & Belmont Portland Laughter Yoga. I could feel my eyes lighting up as she was telling me about it and some of the laughing exercises you do there ~ I'm definitely signing up!
So, from an early morning class on The Brain and Neuroplasticity, I am now headed for some sort of Gerontology degree and a class on Laughing Yoga.

One Thing Just Leads to Another....

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  1. I don't think anyone is going to know who you are anymore. The sky is the limit and you are on a great journey.