Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Genuine Happiness

Another fun evening in Salem with The Artist's Way Gals. Dinner at "Word of Mouth Bistro" and some Blind Painting yielded 5 masterpieces!! Then I drove back to (downtown) Portland to the Tiger Bar to wish Miss Katie a Happy 25th. She is one of the most gorgeous women inside and out that I know.

And while there I got to meet (yes, in person) my 2nd longest Facebook Friend Brian Ackroyd. He is MUCH more handsome in person than any of his pictures.

The icing on the whole evening was getting to finally meet Miss Amber Stone. Her eyes and face lite up when she told me that she has just become the Manager for the group Altarboys, six years in the making and a dream come true for her. And she will be on the traveling circuit with them at all of the House of Blues' for the next three months. Start your Blog Miss Amber!!

But what I was most taken with, was Kristi's genuine happiness for her friend Amber's success. Truly one of Amber's greatest fans!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Bobbie! I can't believe you went out AFTER the Artist's Way! You're a wild woman, you are.

  2. The Artist's Way has a certain cultish air to it, and I'm intrigued. Isn't it so touching when Kristi shows happiness for another person? I always cry. She saves her tears for The Notebook. And hopefully Race to Witch Mountain.

  3. Bobbie,
    I see you like wine. I, too, enjoy wine. Perhaps we can share a glass, or two
    with our arms, entWINED ;)

    Robert Kincaid

  4. Great site! Thanks for sharing it, and all of your adventures.