Sunday, March 22, 2009

$5 Exploring Resin~Warming Up & Ooh la la

Another GREAT "$5 Fridays-A Recession Busting Art Escape". This week Maria Raleigh taught us about resin (not as frightening as I thought it would be).

The class was held at the Woodstock DIY Lounge location and had 16 students.
Our take home project using resin would be bottle caps that could later be turned into magnets.
We found the image we wanted and glued it in and then found little embellishments to add...

...before pooring in the resin.

Our final masterpieces turned out fantastic (can you guess which tray is mine?)

I arrived home to this beautiful sky in my backyard

and felt so delighted in feeling the warm pink sky and holding my 6 tiny yet dazzlingly resin filled bottle caps! Ooh la la!!

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  1. I'm so vey happy for you that your days are filled with so many Ooh la la moments. It is those moments that(the sky)make our lives worth the time! You capture the feelings that most of us forget to notice and share them with your faithful followers. I know the tray with a special bird is yours. Great job!!