Wednesday, April 1, 2009

$5 Matchbox Shrines & Glitter Advice

I am loving these $5 A Recession Busting Art Escape classes at DIY Lounge on Friday nights because #1) I get to spend every other one with Lynda, #2) I get to always sit by some really cool person, #3) I get to make and learn something new and fun and #4) I drive home a VERY happy person.

This was one of the every other weeks that Lynda was there along with Andrea. Lynda is the one whose husband "buys her chairs". Everything she makes, he loves. When she got home and showed him her shrines, she emailed me and said that he called her an artist. She then went on during the weekend, added to and framed them. He's right, she is an inspired and creative artist!

I spent my time creating two. One I called The Queen of Hearts, with opening doors and glitter. One piece of advice I always give new mom's, "If you want your child to receive an "A" on any assignment, ALWAYS ADD GLITTER!"

My second box was called A Little Bent because inside I had a picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa (and of course, glitter!). Once I got home, I added a fitting picture of someone "a little" bent, glued a magnet to it and added it to their bevy of birthday presents.

And even though I know there is no grade to be had, I still feel that all things in life are just better with a splash of glitter added!


  1. Adding glitter could solve a lot of the world's problems! I love your little shrines - lovely!

  2. I love your matchbox shrines!!! I have just made some myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must think about adding glitter. I don't usually do that.