Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Journals and Labels

On Saturday Kristi and I went over to OMSI to see the Da Vinci THE GENIUS Exhibit. I knew of his paintings, but I never realized ALL of the other titles he had from inventor, scientist, engineer, musician, architect. They had an "unveiling" of 25 startling Revelations and Secrets of the Mona Lisa painting. I don't know how "startling" they were, but his final attempt was surely his finest.

My favorite part of the exhibit was looking at his journals. The notes, the writings, the drawings. And I began to think that maybe it would be fun and new for me to add "art" to my journal(s). Four months ago I didn't even know what the concept of "Morning Pages" was all about and now I have three different journals. So for now at least one will have "art" added.
While at the bookstore last week I had come across a book/journal titled "Wreck This Journal". Opening it up, the pages looked like a ton of fun to do. Silly but fun, it seems to give you permission to do wacky stuff and keep track of it. I bought 11 copies with the idea of giving them to people who have just a touch of wackiness in them. I thought we could meet up months from now and share our favorite page(s) if indeed there are any left.

"It's easier to resist at the beginning, than at the end" ~ Leonardo Da Vinci


  1. Looks like Sir Leo knew his stuff. Wanna try to resist me later? I'll give you 25 STARTLING revelations.

    Robert Kincaid

  2. Ohhhh, now I really want to head to OMSI and see the DaVinci exhibit. I'll be hanging with all my grandkids this weekend in Portland, I have free passes, I think the time has come.