Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tuesday Yoga & a Six-Pack Student

I used to drive to Salem on Tuesday nights for my Artist's Way class. I am still driving to Salem on Tuesday nights, only this time it is for YOGA!!!! One of the ladies in the AW class, trained and got certified in teaching yoga. So during one of our classes, I asked her what she was going to do with her teaching "credentials". I told her I would drive down if she would start a class. She agreed!!!!

So now on Tuesdays, I pack my green yoga mat and a bottle of water, and head south for a yoga class.

Last Tuesday was our first night. She taught a wonderful class. My aches were stretched and when I went home that night I felt so rejuvenated and alive. The next day the uplift was still there and I headed for the gym. It has given me the nudge I need.

And when I tell others about the great class, I make sure to tell them about my favorite part. At the end of the class she has you put your socks back on. Then you lay on your back with your eyes closed. With soothing music playing in the background, she places a blanket over you. She then gives you a lavender filled pack to either place on your chest or eyes (it's lavender times 100 and so soothing!). And then she comes around and gently touches and massages your feet and ankles just long enough to get you floating on that cloud.

Dawn Spires is the BEST yoga instructor ever!!!! And I'm one of her first six-pack students!!!!

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