Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who's That Birthday Girl?

It's ME! I LOVE my birthday. I never use to. But since I turned 50, I do. Maybe it is because each year just seems to get better than the previous one; so I embrace each new year with wonderment and excitement. The added year doesn't seem to matter. I feel renewed. I know welcomed discoveries are going to happen for me.
And....I LOVE the people who acknowledge and help me celebrate the beginning of my new year of discoveries.
It started out Monday with a very long walk through SE Portland down to The Esplanade. I love that walk. The time and distance does not even register when you are walking with a friend. I LOVE my walking buddy.
Tuesday after yoga, a couple of the six-packers took me out for a glass of Birthday Bliss and an assignment to google a mango something. I did and I'm intrigued.

Wednesday was spent with Yina at Tippy Canoe's on the Sandy River. Before the trip out east I was handed a "Birthday Box". Are Birthday Boxes not one of the greatest things in life? was wrapped in Cupcake Paper with a pink shoelace (you know the song!). Filled with a book of cupcake recipes, Stationery made from dirty cotton socks (true), turtle candles and instructions on how to meditate (since I shared with her that I have never meditated). She always helps me in my new year of discovery journeys!

Lunch with Karen and Kristi, my 'K' Gals. Kristi got me fabulous girly things to bring and wear in Greece and Karen warmed my heart with a beautiful garden turtle I quickly named Audrey and the coolest "Simplify" t-shirt by Life Is Good. It's so soft and bares my current mantra...SIMPLIFY!!!!

And then I came home to a wondermous box from Shelley in Montana. I shook shook back. That's Shelley!!!! A pink boa, pink & green Maracas, Mac & Cheese!!!!

There was suppose to be a beginning dance class down in Salem, but that had to be postponed for a couple of weeks. But it was ok. Emails and cards from family and friends, dinner in The Hawthorne neighborhood and a gift card to COLLAGE!! and other perfect gifts and (especially) company made for a splendid evening.

And tomorrow morning I get to have "birthday" coffee with Pete. NOBODY does coffee like Pete!!!!

I am so blessed with my life and the people in it. I am eager to see what Year 54 has in store for me. I know it will be crazily fun and I'm excited for my new learning's and discoveries and new found loves.

And a quick card I need to share

"As they woke up on the beach the morning
after the birthday celebration,
wondering what they had done the night before,
they took comfort in the fact
that they still had their hats on."

Thank you Robert and Mabel....Happy Birthday to ME!!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMMY! How could I not have know there was such a real HOLIDAY in store? That chump-change whatever day Easter is waiting at the end of the weekend, but not before its processional of extenders (Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday...Jesus is the worst birthday extender ever). Let's have our own celebration!

  2. Thanks for sharing your many new adventures and learning experiences. Your joy for life is reason enough to celebrate the wonderful day of your birth. Happy Birthday!!

  3. What a great day April 9th is---it is a day to celebrate the day an amazing, generous, and loving person was born. I am very fortunate to know you and have you as my best of best friends, and keeper of secrets!!!! Thanks for yesterday. kw

  4. Wow! You have an amazing group of friends and you got some wonderfully creative birthday gifts. I loved reading about how you celebrated (and how you managed to extend the celebration over so many days!).