Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doris Day Roses

And my birthday continues. Did someone forget or was my birthday just "extended"? Another half empty half full question.

I have never received flowers in a box. You know, the kind of box in the Doris Day movies. I always imagined what it was like back then to open the door and be handed that long box, to be opened and to pull out the who's it from card.

I got to do that yesterday. The doorbell rang and I was handed "the box". And for that moment I truly felt like Doris Day (in knee socks).

They were beautiful and very much loved.

And I got a couple of great shots (maybe to be used for my new journal art or for my walls).

Forgotten or extended, I loved feeling like Doris Day. And I love human beings that remind me about taking the high road when I don't really want to, for encouraging my adventures and for loving my knee socks. I love my "boxed" roses!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Who is sending you roses? Always someone setting the bar high for guys like me. Rest assured, I always come out on top... or maybe you do. ;)

    Robert Kincaid