Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Secret Keeper and Route 66

Thursday was Karen's birthday. We met for lunch and stayed until almost dinner. What a wonderful feeling to not notice time. Looking at our watches we both said "Whoa, where did that afternoon go?!" Secrets and stories and laughs~she is the tiniest person I know, but has the biggest heart. She is the keeper of all of my secrets.

And after we departed I was driving in the Hollywood neighborhood and came across a small vintage store I had never been into. Outside was a wonderful Every Woman Has Her Chair chair. I knew I wanted it the moment I saw it outside of the store. It needs to be dressed~I'm excited about the possibilities.

Once inside, I spotted it. A Route 66 chair!

In my recent travels I had been to the starting place of the route in Chicago (corner of Jefferson & Jackson)

and to the ending place in Hollywood

The chair belongs to me now. And when I walk by it, I think of that route, the beginning and the end, the best of times. It brings a smile to my heart.

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  1. Get your kicks on Route 66 - somehow, Bobbie, I think you get your kicks wherever you are and whatever you do!