Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Can Always Go......DOWNTOWN

One of my all time favorite songs is "Downtown" by Petula Clark (I got to see her last year!). I even did tape recordings of me singing it (solo of course) in the 60's. And for 30+ years I worked there. I LOVE downtown Portland.

Our art class was cancelled on Sunday, so when Lynda emailed me and asked if I wanted to go on a Portland Walking Tour called Best of Portland in downtown Portland, my class cancellation sadness quickly subsided.

There were still new things to be learned and seen; The Echoing Circle at Pioneer Square, pieces of sculpture and whimsical art, meter reading by scanning the back of poles on each block and the smallest MacDonald's.

And the familiar to be rediscovered but maybe looked at from a different view. I never realized until this tour how ridiculously skinny that elk really is and how great and novel it must have been to have had created the world's tiniest park (Mills End Park). And I loved how Benson quoted figures and percents about how much less alcohol was being consumed because of his newly installed bubbler water fountains. It has always been my belief that if you quote a fact with a number or percent (especially if you end it with an odd number), then people will actually believe there is some truth to it.

And I will always love a sign that points to Elephants!!!!

Lynda has just the best ideas!!!!


  1. There is a 97% chance you're my main thang. Just sayin'.

    Robert Kincaid

  2. april 23rd was the best day ever---went to lunch with the one who owns her own chair--a very long, long, lunch filled with laughter and wonderful gifts--even ran into some dinasors--friendly ones of course!!!thanks to my best friend--kw