Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunny Side Up

Emails from relatives in South Dakota give me NOTHING to complain about as far as the puny, rainy, drizzly days here. Chatting with a friend in Florida sporting 80 degree weather does. However, did anyone else besides me see and feel the UFO on Sunday at about 2:00pm?

I had gone to the Oregon/Oregon State Baseball Game at PGE Park. A chill in the air walking to the stadium, I was glad I had layered up.

Once inside, with fantastic seats, bundled up, the game began.

And then ..... it came. Shoving its way through the clouds; it fell upon the crowd. I shut my eyes, savoring the moment of that familiar warmth. I got to keep my eyes closed for 20 minutes; all the while thinking how great it would be to have my toes in the sand while breathing in the smell of coconut oil.

Flipping the calendar to April, I suddenly realized that sunny, warm Greece is now in countdown mode and my toes are very excited! I am so ready to be sunny side up!!!!

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